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Create, secure and monetize IP – with veins

Intellectual Property (IP) is complicated, time consuming and entails risks. Creating, checking, securing, managing and monetarizing your trademarks, designs, ad-campaigns, copyrights or patents – in short your IP – is paramount, however, for your company’s value and development. veins equips your company to face competition in the digital future.

While you work on your future, veins does the housekeeping. Also for the past.

  • Service is always available
  • Keeping valuable company-knowledge safe
  • Efficient and transparent management of the IP lifecycle
  • Ease your employees’ workload

You think your processes are well structured?


Get in touch! We will be happy to provide more details on our modern solution to manage your IP Lifecycle.


With veins you save time, money and nerves.

Companies depend on swift, efficient processes to master their IP lifecycle. Limited human resources must be allocated in the best possible way. However, a complicated, error-prone process depending on external counsels’ reports and managing service providers is costly and devours precious time.

That’s avoidable: veins helps you to save money and resources so that you can use them more productively. veins combines elements of LegalTech, Business Operations and IP Compliance into one seamless, integrated solution.

veins works for you.
365 days, 24 hours.

veins relieves your employees from annoying administrative tasks. veins manages your IP lifecycle efficiently and transparently – 24 hours, 365 days a year. Our smart IP-solution makes sure that your company’s knowledge remains with your company and is accessible independently from individual members of your organization. veins compiles and structures relevant information so that your company can make swift, informed business decisions.


We know, what we‘re doing.

We bring a combined 40 years of experience to the table: Expertise in intellectual property, management and the development of software and digital products.

Your benefits:

veins researches your corporate knowledge and public knowledge relevant for your decision. With few basic information veins knows which data are needed when to complete a project and independently searches for it.

veins consults your experts whenever it is not able to make progress on its own; a next level of immediate added value contribution.

veins analyzes potential legal risks and presents them in a way that enables you to make quick and efficient decisions.

veins continues to learn. With time, the AI-based processes develop an understanding of how your company operates and even better adapt to your needs.

veins cleans up and thereby has the potential to become your compliance officer’s best friend.

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